1st September 2020 – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

What does September 1st mean to you? Probably nothing?


It didn’t mean anything to me either until January 5th 2013.

My baby boy was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. And all of a sudden, September wasn’t just September but it was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


Every year around 250 Children in the UK alone lose their life to childhood cancer. In 2017 that was my son. I was one of 250 mothers who lost their child to a cruel and evil disease.


Although a lot of money goes into cancer research from HUGE organisations all around the world, only a tiny percent goes towards research for children’s cancers.


This is why we have taken it into our own hands. Below is the donation link for our childhood cancer research fund. Where every penny not only goes into research but it goes directly to the researches themselves.


This month we will be #GoingGold and talking about the elephant in the room, Childhood Cancer.


I choose three totally different photos to kick off this month, first life before cancer, second Brad fighting for his life due to treatment that was meant to cure him. The third my baby boys last journey on earth. I don’t have a fourth or a fifth, I don’t and will never have another first day at school photo, a family photo, a prom photo. I don’t want other families to feel that pain so please help me together we can make a difference.