8th January 2021

We haven’t really spoken about Covid-19 since it all began in March 2020.
During this time, as you know we have tried our hardest to remain as positive as we can, but what I will say is, Covid-19 is real, myself and Carl have just recovered from covid ourselves, and I have to say it is awful. 😞
2 days ago, my amazing parents, Bradley’s Nanna and Grandad where both taken into hospital with Covid, I have been so worried, but North Tees hospital are doing amazing job with them both.
Hospitals are full to bursting and our incredible NHS are doing their very best to get through this awful pandemic.
Today it was announced that a 3rd vaccine has been approved for use in the U.K.
This is amazing news ❤️
This gets us 1 step closer to overcoming this pandemic and for everyone get back to normal.
We will only win the fight against covid if we all follow the same rules.
Look over your Nanna and Grandad Bradley.
Love you all the world Mam and Dad ❤️
Stay safe everyone and pray for all those that are ill with covid 🙏