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Welcoming … Alfie’s Adventures!


We are fundraising with Alfie and his family to raise around £20,000 for specialised equipment to enable Alfie to have a normal life as possible.

As you can see, Alfie is a twin, his brothers name is Brody-Lee.

The love each other very much, and want to spend every waking moment together, but it is becoming very hard for me to carry him up and down the stairs for bed every night as Alfie is becoming too big.

We have spoken with the local council have now given permission for a lift to be installed, that will take Alfie directly into his bedroom with Brody-Lee. But this is not funded by the government, so to have this done, we need to raise the funds.

Any remaining fund will go on further equipment Alfie may need in the coming years.

We have partnered with the Bradley Lowery Foundation who will collect all funds raised on Alfie’s behalf and keep it in Alfie’s own bank account that they will set up, and then funds will be paid directly to the builders and lift companies on our behalf.

This will make a huge difference to Alfie, he does not want to miss being with his brother at bedtime, talking all night and getting up to mischief when he should be sleeping. If you can help in any way, we will be eternally grateful.


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