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The Bradley Lowery Foundation was established in August 2017 after my son Bradley Lost his fight to Neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer.

In 2013 I started a fundraising campaign to raise funds to get Bradley Treatment in the USA that was not available in the UK.

The campaign was very successful and with the support off thousands of people we managed to raise over £1.3m, as well as raising vital awareness for neuroblastoma and childhood cancer in general. The whole world got behind Brad and his campaign, it really was phenomenal

When Brad was on Earth, he always wanted to help other children, he was caring and compassionate and this is reflected in the values charity has adopted in his name.

While we were fundraising for Bradley, I always stated, that if for whatever reason the funds were not used for him, the money would be used to help other children. With the knowledge I had gained, the contacts I had previously made, the research I had done, I knew that I could help so many more families as well as continuing Bradleys legacy.

I proceeded to set up a foundation, named after Bradley ”The Bradley Lowery Foundation” to support families who are fundraising for treatment or equipment, that is not readily available or covered by the NHS. This covers all illnesses and conditions such as –

  • Childhood Cancer’s
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism
  • Global Learning
  • Mitochondrial

The aim of the foundation is to support the families and their teams of fundraisers to reach their initial fundraising targets and get the children the treatment or equipment they need. We do this by –

  • 1-2-1 support given to parents
  • Allowing families to fund raise under our Charity Number so that they can gain larger donations from businesses and organisations
  • Provide merchandise to each campaign
  • Supporting and organising fundraising events
  • Issuing each campaign with their own JustGiving Funding page and their own individual bank account, were all funds are restricted for their campaign (each campaign receives 100% of all cash donations to their campaign)
  • Organising media coverage for their campaigns
  • Support on their social media pages
  • Paying invoices directly, on behalf of the parents
  • Researching treatments for each condition, so that families have all options made available to them
  • Negotiating costings for treatments or equipment, so that parents get the best possible price available to them
  •  Organising travel/accommodation for families travelling abroad for treatment
  • If needed, we may issue grants to our families

We are also pledging money into vital research, so that hopefully one day, families may not have to travel to access lifesaving or life changing treatments.

The Foundation is in the process of building our own holiday home so children associated with the foundation can enjoy some family time away and make precious memories.

Having the foundation, has given me a purpose. I know that Brad would be so proud to see how many children his name is able to help. He has left a lasting legacy, and I know that although he was only with us for a short time, with his strength and determination, he has changed the lives of many. I am so proud of my little boy, he inspires me every day to keep fighting for families we support.