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In September 2005 at just 3 years old Alfie was diagnosed with Ganglineuroblastoma. Alfie was just starting nursery school at the time, so doctors decided to just monitor the cancer. At the end of 2007 during a routine MRI scan doctors found another lump in Alfie’s abdomen and in January 2008 he was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. Alfie quickly started treatment, taking everything in his stride despite being so long and going through so much. Alfie then began the road to recovery and started the remission step of neuroblastoma. 

During another routine MRI scan in Dec 2011, doctors identified an area of thickening which despite at the time not being Neuroblastoma doctors decided for Alfie to start on chemotherapy. Unfortunately, chemotherapy didn’t shrink it enough but confirmed that it was Relapse of neuroblastoma. Alfie has courses of MIBG and radio therapy which combined took Alfie into remission once again. In 2016 Alfie’s cancer returned once again but like the fighter he is, he took all treatments in his stride and went back into remission.  

Now Alfie is almost 18 and his cancer is back again. Alfie has been fighting for almost 15 years and fights just as hard now as he ever did.  

We are supporting Alfie’s family to raise £230,000 for a vaccine in New York Designed to reduce the chances of Neuroblastoma relapsing. No parent should have to watch their child fight cancer, never mind watch them fight cancer multiple times.  


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