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This is Archie!

Archie is an identical twin and was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma in January 2019.
In December of 2018 Archie became very unwell and was even unable to stand. Eventually after a few weeks worth of trips to A&E and multiple different diagnosis Archie was kept in Hospital for extensive tests. During an ultrasound a large mass was found around Archie’s kidney, this is when it became very serious. On the 18th January 2019 Archie is officially diagnosed with Stage 4 high Risk Neuroblastoma.
Neuroblastoma is a rare and cruel form of childhood cancer which is extremely hard to cure. Neuroblastoma has a very high relapse rate and when a child relapses, it becomes even harder to cure.
Archie is aiming to raise the funds to undergo a vaccine treatment in the US that will look to give him the best chance of beating the disease for good.
He is a little superstar and has battled hard throughout all of his treatments! Archie has had countless courses of chemotherapy and has even took part in a clinical trial on the NHS.
Archie is such a happy, cheeky little boy who loves Harry Potter and Tottenham Football Club, especially his best friend Harry Kane.
The support that has been shown to Archie and his whole family throughout his battle has been truly incredible and we hope your support can continue has Archie continues to fight.
You can help in lots of different ways!
You can donate Via Archie’s Just giving page Cheques can be sent to ‪52-54 middle street, Blackhall TS27 4EA‬, written out to “Bradley Lowery Foundation” With Archie’s name on the back.
You can also hold your own fundraising events to help support Archies campaign, for support with this email ‪‬ Please follow Archie’s battle on social media @ ArchiesJourney

Update on Archie –

Since Archie has been fundraising his wonderful supporters have managed to raise £205,263 out of £230,000. So close to hitting target!

Up to now Archie’s currently still having his retonoic acid and day visits until we get the go ahead for his surgery to remove the tumour.

Please continue your fantastic support to Archie and his family!


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