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Say a big hello to Damian…





Damian is a 5 year old none verbal autistic boy with a learning disability who has no awareness of danger. This five years has been a very long and hard journey with him becoming more and more challenging and hard to manage by the day, no two days are the same with him In fact no two hours are the same if i’m honest. Damian lives at home with myself (his mam) and his 8 year old brother Jamie who also has autism but to a different degree.

Damian was diagnosed at 2 year old when he attended Taverstock Nursary, when he first started he was a boy that didn’t cope with much separation from myself, other children, unfamiliar places, food smells/tastes and being none verbal let everyone know this through meltdowns biting/nipping/spitting/scratching which still is the case today.

In 2016, Damian fell ill with scarlet fever which at the time was thought to be viral until 4 days into it when his body started to shut down and he was put into an induced coma and transferred to the RVI in Newcastle. He was kept there for another week when he came round he has all the normal symptoms night terrors crying and seemed to go back even further. Damian’s behaviour soon got back to normal only sleeping for a few hours a night, even with medication, Damian flooded my whole house, unlocking doors, smearing whatever he can get his hands on and this has steadily got worse and more dangerous to the point where he cant even be left along in a room, while I visit the bathroom. He just has no sense of danger what so ever!

When we were on a recent holiday he escaped from the room and was found in the pool which was really very scary as you hear so many horror stories, only for us to get home and got to a caravan and him do the same again, this time I woke up 4 am and he was in the river at the site from there.

As a family we decided to go a head and look into a support dog for him to give us and him more independence and most of all peace of mind as these dogs are highly trained and when he does wake up and wonder off it will alert us.


We are fundraising for an autism support dog. After doing lots of research and speaking with professionals we were advised to consider an autism support dog. We are fundraising £10,000 to provide Damian with the support dog he needs.


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