Benji’s Magic Ears




Benji was born with hearing loss as a result of a genetic condition called Connexin 26. He was fitted with hearing aids at 4 weeks old. As time progressed it became clear that he was not getting sufficient access to sound, particularly speech and around a year ago he was referred for assessment to St Thomas’ hearing implant centre.

After regular testing, senior consultants at St Thomas and the implant centre confirmed that Ben needed Cochlear Implants, and confirmed that his limited hearing will continue to deteriorate. We have tried numerous other pieces of technology and this is the only option that will allow Benji access to sufficient sounds for his speech to develop during this critical age in his development.

The NHS England have refused several funding requests including a plea from the senior consultants at St Thomas who argued it was essential for his development. With St Thomas’ support and detailed technical papers set out by the consultants, we challenged the judgement before Christmas with an urgent response promised in advance of the Christmas holidays. After seemingly ignoring / forgetting about the challenge, they have just again refused our challenge on grounds that St Thomas say are unfounded and inaccurate.

Time is against us as Benji is at the crucial age for development and we now have no choice but to raise the £80,000 that is essential for Ben to learn to hear, speak and communicate.

We now ask you, if there is anything at all you can do to help us help Benji to get these ‘magic ears’ that he so desperately needs.




Terms and Conditions
All cash donations are held by BLF in restricted funds for Benji’s campaign.
All fees are paid for by BLF general funds.
BLF will hold funds on behalf of Benji and pay invoices directly.
In the event of the child not needing funds raised, BLF will retain 50% of the funds raised for their general charitable purposes such as grant making, fees for funding platforms etc
Parents will then be given a choice to donate the remaining 50% to an already registered children’s charity of their choice.