Bradley Lowery Foundation Support Line Launch















As you all know Bradley lost his fight to neuroblastoma in 2017 and Gemma has went on to set up the Bradley Lowery Foundation, which has raised thousands of pounds to help other sick children.

Now, the foundation has launched a telephone counselling service to help parents and carers of children in the North East who have cancer.

Gemma has encouraged parents of children fighting cancer to access this new helpline. She hopes the free and confidential service will give families direct access to a trained counsellor, who will provide them with the emotional support they need. She said: “The support line offers parents with children with cancer, parents of children in remission from cancer and bereaved parents who have lost their child to cancer support. “Over the telephone with a trained counsellor, if for any reason the counsellor feels like they need that face-to-face support, then we are going to be offering that face-to-face support for the parents. “Rather than having to go on a waiting list at a doctor’s surgery or some other charities we want to be able to give them direct access to that support.”

The support line is available to families in the north east region who are affected by childhood cancer within the last 5 year. The support line will cost around £80,000 a year to run, but we know this will benefit so many families.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the support line you can email us at


Alternatively donations can be made through our BLF support line fundraising page –