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Meet Craig!



Craig is fourteen years old and was born on the 30th December 2004. Shortly after his birth Craig was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy meaning that he cannot walk, talk or see and is fed via a PEG in his stomach. Craig also has epilepsy and recurrent chest problems.

Craig has had surgery to insert metal rods in his spine and to repair his hip. Craig is a very happy boy who enjoys school and music.

Craig is looked after by his mam, dad, brothers and sisters but as he is getting older and bigger is getting harder to lift him. At present we have to carry Craig up and down a steep flight of stairs to put him to bed, as you can imagine, this is getting harder as he is getting older.

We are looking to raise around £25,000 to build an extension on the side of our property on the ground floor, to enable Craig to have a safe and secure bedroom and a shower room, any remaining funds will go towards equipment to aid the family when lifting etc


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