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Dinutuximab Beta Now available in Scotland

I am so happy that the children in Scotland will now be able to access dinutuximab beta for free. The process that happened in the U.K. where NICE had to approve it, also needed to happen at Scotland and this is a very worrying time for parents. Parents can now relax knowing their child will benefit from this antibody not only as a frontline treatment for Neuroblastoma, but also used in relapsed.

I know from personal experience this drug works, it’s what got my Bradley cancer free for 18 months, to know that the Government has also noticed the benefits of this antibody is brilliant.
Families have so many worries when your child is diagnosed, this is 1 less thing for them to worry about. Well done to everyone who campaigned to get this drug, and a huge thank you to the Pharma’s who create these wonderful drugs to help save our children.

Although we currently don’t work in Scotland, this is something we are looking into for the future. It is important that everyone can access these drugs, and working together, big things can be achieved. We are so pleased for everyone who this will benefit. Xx

Cancer Has No Colours Campaign

We have a big cancer has no colours campaign coming to remember Bradley and celebrate his 1 year memorial.

Last year at Brads funeral I was amazed at how many people came together to wear there football colours for Bradley.

So i am asking you this year to remember my boy but to also help the foundation to grow and continue to help more children, will you go to work / school in your colours between the 6th and 14th of July 2018 and donate £1 to us.

To take part in this campaign download your fundraising pack below.

Big news For Harry Mogan

This is Harry Mogan, Harry’s mam contacted us 14 weeks ago, as she needed help to get some equipment for Harry. He needed a specialised bed and sensory equipment to help make every day life a lot easier. After just 13 weeks of fundraising, we raised £10k which was enough to purchase the equipment, and the bed was purchased by local government funding. This is fantastic news for Harry and his family. Harry’s mam has also offered to help other children fundraising with the foundation in the future, which is brilliant news for us.

Follow Harry and his story

The Bradley Lowery Foundation

The Bradley Lowery Foundation has been set up in memory of my son. Bradley gained his angel wings on 7 July 2017, 1.35pm,  at the age of 6 after a 4.5 year battle with Neuroblastoma. Whilst Bradley was suffering himself. Bradley used to always look out for other children on the ward, this inspired me to carry on his work now he is no longer with us. Our aim with the foundation is to help and support campaigns to raise funds for medical treatment/equipment not available on the NHS.

I tried everything within my power to try and help Bradley survive, but unfortunately it never worked. I want to try and help other children achieve the goal we didn’t. Bradley has created a legacy that we are so proud of, Myself, my family and my team want to carry on his legacy and do my little boy proud.