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Cayla’s Fight

Cayla is a happy 4 year old, who is extremely sassy & full of life! She is a very loved daughter, sister, granddaughter and niece.

Cayla was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma in July 2018 and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, after a few weeks of feeling generally unwell i took Cayla to our local doctors surgery with tummy ache, we were told that she may have a urine infection. But after the antibiotics failed to make a difference we found ourselves back at the doctors surgery. A doctor had a feel of her tummy and had felt a mass that shouldn’t have been there. Our whole world collapsed. We were sent straight to a&e for scans and blood tests. We were told Cayla had a tumour in her stomach. The days following this were such a blur & we were transferred to Bristol for further testing, they finally reached a diagnosis of Neuroblastoma, a rare children’s cancer that forms in the adrenal gland, only 100 children in the UK are diagnosed a year!

We are trying to raise money for future treatments that are not currently available on the NHS & only available abroad.

The treatment abroad will give will reduce Cayla’s chance of relapsing (once she reaches remission) We will do everything & anything we can to give Cayla the chance to have a long & happy future!

Any donation of any amount is greatly appreciated & will help towards Cayla battle against this horrible disease.