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On the 6th July 2017, after a week of scans and months of pain, discomfort, heartache and sickness, back and forth to the doctors, who worrying rapidly transferred her to great Ormond street hospital, we got the diagnosis – Eden has a rare and aggressive cancer called Neuroblastoma – by the time we were told this the tumour was nearly 14cm in diameter in her abdomen.

She immediately underwent an initial cycle of chemotherapy which consisted of up to 3 chemo liquids every ten days, after this her stem cells were taken from her and she then had a high-dose chemotherapy course of a week of full on chemotherapy, where she stayed in great Ormond street hospital for five weeks having the stem cell re implanted afterwards to help her body repair.

She is now due to go through a trial for high dose radiotherapy, afterwards she will go into a treatment course of immunotherapy. All this is the front line treatment for this cancer that the NHS provide, they saved her lives and we will forever be indebted to the amazing nurses and doctors who helped Eden get better – and propped us up sometimes – but her journey is not over.

Even with all the generous help by the NHS, this aggressive cancer has a 82% chance of coming back, we are fundraising £200,000.00 for Eden to go to the US to have this new, potentially life saving treatment.

Edens Mum and Dad said ”Please help us to save our little fairy, the precious light of our lives, so she can continue to flourish and grow up with her little sister, and lead a happy, fulfilled life.”



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