Edith Molyneux

Edies family came to us after finding a treatment in Mexico which was helping lots of children. They had already made numerous trips for the experimental treatment before coming to BLF for extra support. After months of the treatment going well, the treatment stopped working, and Edie sadly passed in Mexico.   

Beautiful Edie gained her angel wings on 22nd October 2018 after a brave battle with DIPG, a rare brain tumour.  

Edie’s personality filled a room, she has a great sense of humour and was a truly hilarious little girl. 

Sadly, at current there is no cure and very little treatment for DIPG and every year more and more families suffer the same heartbreak Edie’s family feel. Edie left an amazing legacy behind and raised so much awareness for DIPG and childhood cancer as a whole. Her family now carry on Edie’s name with a BLF legacy set up in Edie’s name, raising funds into vital awareness for DIPG.  

RIP SpiderEde