Elizabeth Adams

Throughout February 2017 we started  to notice Lizzy was having a slight personality change. She became quieter and was less interested in interacting with others. She also became more unbalanced and slurred her words whilst talking and found it more difficult to have conversations. My aunt Mary Adams (known as Kath to most) and my uncle Elizabeth’s father Gavin Attrell decided to contact S.C.C and learnt that Elizabeth had been experiencing similar symptoms at school such as the falling over and had started to find it difficult to write on lines during school hours . My aunt took Elizabeth to their family doctor, who then sent them to William Harvey hospital for a MRI scan on 03/04/17 where they discovered a mass on her brain.

After being taken by ambulance straight to King’s College hospital in London and spending a number of days/nights it confirmed our fears that Elizabeth had a brain tumour.

As you could imagine it has been extremely hard, not only on ourselves and the children who range from young teenagers to infants, to process as they each have different understandings of the situation and the fact that Elizabeth is sick.

The hope for this treatment is that the chemo can contain the cancer and the radiotherapy can shrink the tumour (where the tumour is located it is inoperable). Unfortunately prognosis of Elizabeth’s type of cancer is not great and we are currently unsure of what the future holds for Elizabeth and her day to day life. We are all overstated by this illness and it has hit us all. My aunt is the best mother I know and has been a mother figure even to myself, she helps everyone in anyway she can and even during this testing time has remained strong for Elizabeth and her five siblings.