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Meet beautiful Ella!

Ella suffered a bleed on her brain at 6 weeks old – which left her with a hypoxic ischemic injury which caused her to have quadriplegic cerebral palsy with spasticity and dystonia Seizures are a part of her daily life where she can sometimes have up to twenty a day, but we try to control them with her medicine. She sometimes shows reactions to lights but then she was registered blind at the age of 1 which means shes never seen any of her family. 

Ella has been in PICU twice already in an induced coma, she suffered and overcome pneumonia twice in her small life. She doesn’t have a safe swallow so needs to be peg fed 3 times a day – twice in the day she enjoys blended diet things such as Weetabix, spaghetti Bolognese, chicken dinners which goes straight down her peg. She has medicines every 4 hrs to try and keep her comfortable along with all the change in positions and physio she has! Caring for Ella is a 24-hour job. 

Ella’s mammy started to fundraise with the foundation to raise £20,000 for Stem Cell Treatment where she will receive 40 million expanded allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells which will try and help repair the brain damage. Well Ella reached that target and has now had her stem cell treatment and the results have been amazing! 

Ella’s mammy is so happy with the results, she has decided to start fundraising for another round of stem cell treatment for her Ella. 


Update on Ella – 

Ella has been for stem cell treatment once up to now. At the end of last year something amazing happened and some very kind person donated a £5000 donation into Ella’s Just giving page!

This £5000 takes Ella up to target and means she now has the funds needed for her next round of stem cell treatment.
Since having stem cell treatment the difference in Ella has been brilliant so this coming year Ella and her mam have said they would like to go for two more rounds.


Thank you so much for your continued support to Ella.

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