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Hi Everyone, Meet Flynn!


Flynn was born December 24th 2016, the most happiest little boy, hes now two years old, and in October 2018 was diagnosed with ADA-SCID which stands for Adenosine Deaminase Deficient – Severe Combined immunodeficiency.

ADA-SCID is a a genetic disorder and is caused by mistakes in a gene that makes up part of the immune system, in Flynns case the ADA part is one of the rarest kinds of SCID there is.

Treatment wise, we will travel to Great Ormond Street hospital where he will undergo a bone marrow harvest so they can correct the genes. He will then return to the hospital after a short while after the gene have been corrected, he will then be given 2 days of chemotherapy to wipe out his remaining immune system, and the new genes will be injected back and then a long road of recovery but will all be worth it.

We are fundraising as we may need to spend up to 6 weeks in London, and accommodation and living costs are not covered under Flynn’s treatment plan.



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