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Foundation Champions

We are very pleased to announce our first group of foundation champions. Our foundation champions are all over the country, and will be supporting the foundation, by attending events, hosting events, and general promotion of the Bradley Lowery Foundation.

We still have space for more!!!!
If you have maybe 3 hours a month you can spare to support BLF, please email us at contact@bradleyloweryfoundation.com for an application form.

Each foundation champion will be issued with an ID card, and Foundation Polo Shirt, as well as travel expenses paid (where applicable)

Please say a huge welcome to our new BLF family members

Karen Hayhurst
Clare Everitt
Kenny Ashton
Alison Tankine
Gaz Horsley
HUWFC under 15s
Olivia Agar
Nicola Lowery
Sean McCabe
Alison Newey ( Ali)
Lesley Mitchell
Lindsay Durham