Graham Morris MP

Yesterday our local MP for Easington constituency Grahame Morris, was in a Parliamentary meeting discussing a e-petition relating to research into childhood cancers.

Some of you may remember back in June, The Bradley Lowery Foundation wrote to the Chancellor to hopefully arrange a discussion about support with funding childhood cancer research.

Grahame along with many other MPs spoke so highly of the need to fund the aggressive cancers that affect our children today.

We, ourselves have funded vital research into Neuroblastoma, working with a charity called Neuroblastoma UK and we have just pledged another £15,000 working with Friends of Rosie charity to fund important early research into Ewing Sarcoma.

Early stage research is so hard to fund, firstly because there are very little statistics and secondly, because early research doesn’t have an instant effect, therefor is not as appealing to funders.

However without the early research there would be no new treatments to trial.

We understand that early research is so important, and working in collaboration with smaller charities is essential if we want things to change. I hope in the future, with the support from the Government, more funds can be put into childhood cancers that are taking so many children’s lives.