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This is Hope!


Hope is 8 years old and, on the 14th April 2014, she was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma which attacked a huge amount of her body.  She has had hundreds of treatments and battled through them all with a smile.  

At present Hope is Cancer free which is great news, but there is an 60% chance Hope may relapse which means there are limited options available on the NHS. We are fundraising so that if the time comes, Hope may be able to access a vaccine trial in the USA which is showing promising signs for Neuroblastoma children. 



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Terms and Conditions
All cash donations are held by BLF in restricted funds for Hope’s campaign.
All fees are paid for by BLF general funds.
BLF will hold funds on behalf of Hope and pay invoices directly.
In the event of the child not needing funds raised, BLF will retain 50% of the funds raised for their general charitable purposes such as grant making, fees for funding platforms etc
Parents will then be given a choice to donate the remaining 50% to an already registered children’s charity of their choice.