Ireland’s Neuroblastoma Journey




How beautiful is Ireland everyone!



Ireland who is 18 months old. Shes the most cheekiest, happiest little girl. Shes so sassy but so funny to go with it.

Ireland was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma in July 2019. Ireland had her MMR injection 3 weeks before she got rushed to her local hospital, she had a fever, was very weak and could barely crack a smile. I thought these were side affects from her MMR.. the night we got admitted to Ipswich hospital we was told she had a urine infection, but they would like to examine her tummy as it was quite big. The next day my heart broke when they told me they had found a mass in her stomach and we was being transferred to the oncology unit in Cambridge. They then found she had cancer in her skull, her eye, her neck, her stomach, her lymph nodes and her legs… thats when Ireland’s journey began.

She has received chemotherapy, a long 12 hour operation and then more chemotherapy. She will have much more treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

We are trying to raise money so that Ireland can receive treatment in the USA to reduce the chance of her ever relapsing (once shes in remission). This treatment is not available on the NHS and this is only available abroad.

Any donation will greatly appreciated and we will be forever thankful for helping towards getting my little girl the treatment she deserves.

Thank you