Ireland’s Neuroblastoma Journey




How beautiful is Ireland everyone!

Ireland is the cheekiest, happiest little girl you ever could meet! 

In July 2019 at just 14 months old, Ireland was diagnosed with Stage 4 high Risk Neuroblastoma, which is a rare form of Childhood cancer. Ireland’s mammy heart broke when she heard the news that her baby had cancer.  

Neuroblastoma is extremely cruel and has a high relapse rate. Meaning there is a large chance that Ireland’s cancer will return in the future. We alongside Ireland’s mammy want to reduce these chances, so are aiming to raise £230,000 to get Ireland over to New York for the Bilavent Vaccine trial, which is designed to reduce the chances of Neuroblastoma relapse.   

So far Ireland has had chemotherapy, a long 12-hour operation and then higher dose Chemotherapy. The side effects from these treatments have been extremely difficult for Ireland’s mammy to watch and Ireland’s treatment is still not over yet.  

Please help and support Ireland’s campaign in any way you can, so that Ireland does not have to do through the cruel treatments all over again. 

Irelands mammy Chloe: “Any donation will greatly be appreciated, and we will be forever thankful for helping towards getting my little girl the treatment she deserves. 



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