Meet Isaac.

He lives in Covent Garden and when he was just 5 months old he bravely fought Ependymoma, a form of brain tumour. Well Isaac has another battle to fight, as his cancer has sadly returned.

We are supporting Isaac and his family to raise £70,000 for Proton Therapy in Germany, which will slow down his cancer and hopefully reduce the chances of it returning in the future.

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Update on Isaac –

Isaac currently has £36,325 out of his target of £70,000 – Isaac had his scans a couple of weeks ago.His family were so nervous, even more so with all the restrictions, only 1 parent at the hospital etc.

But…… thankfully Isaac’s results are good, Isaac is still NED (no evidence of disease) ❤️
Our prayers were answered again and we got the news we wanted 🙏
Please continue to support Isaac!