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Isla has recently been diagnosed in March 2017 with a rare child cancer called Neuroblastoma. Isla is currently undergoing intense 15 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment at Great Ormond Street after the aggressive cancer spread to her bones and bone marrow.

Only 100 children in the UK get neuroblastoma every year and immunotherapy – which involves the injection of an antibody therapy – is not currently available on the NHS.

We are trying to raise £192,000.00 to get her to USA as soon as she finishes treatment to receive the Bivalent vaccine in Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer hospital in New York, that can prevent her neuroblastoma returning.

So many people have already donated and helped with fundraisers already and we will be holding more events and trying to think of more ways to raise the money Isla needs but most importantly to make people aware of this horrible cancer that affects children but rarely picked up by professionals.

Isla is the bravest little girl we have ever met and she has a long way to go through her treatment but if you can spare even £1.00 towards her treatment it will give Isla an extra chance of fighting this terrible disease.

Please share the page far and wide and we thank you for your support it’s been completely overwhelming.



Update on Isla –

Isla returned home from Barcelona after being accepted onto the MiNiVan trail at Southampton hostpital. Unfortunately the trail was not for Isla and the treatment didn’t work as well as what was expected for her. The family are now seeking further help from Barcelona and MSKCC in New York to discuss further treatment options.


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