Ivy-Louise’s Fight against Neuroblastoma

Just imagine how much our whole lives have come crashing down. It’s been a whirlwind of a week- Ivy has had MRI scans, bone marrows, heart and kidney scans and also MIGB scans; this resulted in Ivy being diagnosed with a 6cm cancerous tumour above her adrenal gland. She has also had a feeding tube fitted in a Hickman line. Doctors and Nurses had hoped they had caught the cancer in time before it had managed to spread to any other parts of her body. We had everything crossed and hoped that this was the worst news we would encounter…Unfortunately on Friday 12th January, they were told the devastating news no parents should have to ever listen too about their baby girl. Ivy’s cancer had spread all over her little body and even into her tiny bones. Neuroblastoma is a very aggressive cancer and the doctor had said it is one of the hardest cancers to cure; this has been a living nightmare for her parents Kerri-lee and Jamie who have remained so unbelievably strong from the very start. Despite this we are focusing on the plan in place and concentrating on remaining positive for this brave little girl. Ivy has started her chemotherapy treatment straight away which was also on the 12th January. Kerri-lee & Jamie, along with her family & friends are riding this journey with Ivy and taking each day as it comes.She has been given a 50 percent survival rate that her treatment will make her all better. So whilst there’s still a percentage; there is hope for such a brave little fighter! We will never quite understand why this has happened to Ivy and why life is so cruel!

We are currently fundraising for a vaccine trial in the USA, this is the best available option for Ivy-Louise, to prevent a relapse.



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