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This is Jack…

Jack was starved of oxygen during birth and because of this now has severe cerebral Palsy. Jack suffers with regular seizures and depends on the use of oxygen machines. 

To increase Jack’s abilities his family decided to fundraise £20,000 to take Jack over to Panama for Stem Cell treatment. Jack hit is first target and his family are so happy with the results of his stem cell treatment they have decided to fundraise for another round of treatment!! 


Update on Jack –

Since Jack’s stem cell treatment he has been doing so incredibly well. He has not needed oxygen as much as he used to and his seizures have also calmed down a lot. To anyone else those are probably not a big deal but the results from Stem cell treatment have made Jack’s life so much more comfortable. His family are so grateful for that.

Please continue to support Jack, thank you to everyone who have supported Jack on his journey!



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