Jack Jeffreys Fight Against Neuroblastoma




Jack Jeffreys

In August 2017 a few days after his 4th birthday, Jack was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, an aggressive cancer which mainly affects children under the age of 5. Since then he has undergone Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy. Sadly the tumor has not shrunk. In May he had another painful lump. On 2nd June he started a second cycle of chemotheraly. We need to raise at least £200,000 very quickly to give him the best chance of lifesaving treatment. They think due to his high risk neuroblastoma, antibody treatment is needed. However, it is not funded by the NHS and no child has been accepted by NHS England for funding so it has been either sponsored or privately funded. We are raising funds to give Jack the best possible chance of ridding his little body of this horrible cancer. We all have such power in our social networks to massively increase our fundraising so please share this far and wide to raise as much as possible to help Jack and his family get him the best treatment.




Terms and Conditions
All cash donations are held by BLF in restricted funds for Jack’s campaign.
All fees are paid for by BLF general funds.
BLF will hold funds on behalf of Jack and pay invoices directly.
In the event of the child not needing funds raised, BLF will retain 50% of the funds raised for their general charitable purposes such as grant making, fees for funding platforms etc
Parents will then be given a choice to donate the remaining 50% to an already registered children’s charity of their choice.