Jamie’s Journey





Everyone meet Jamie!





Jamie is a non-verbal autistic child with a learning disability. He is incredibly shy and sound sensitive… but is never happier than when he is in water either a swimming pool or paddling at the beach.. Everyday is a challenge…but honestly we never have a dull moment. However in January 2017 Jamie began to experience unexplained seizures. He was subsequently diagnosed with epilepsy. In the minutes before, during and after a seizure Jamie’s face, lips and hands turn blue. We are fundraising to hopefully purchase a home oxygen concentration machine so that we can help Jamie recover from seizures quicker and reduce the chances of needing a hospital admission or having to calling paramedics which he finds very distressing on account of his autism. The machine is self contained and is safer than having cylinders of oxygen in the home which can be a fire hazard.

Jamie also has joint Hyper-mobility and severe food allergies, these conditions are manageable but add to the everyday challenges that he faces.

We would really appreciate any support you can show!




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