Joy for Josh!

When Joshua was a little younger, he suffered a seizure, which caused him to have Cerebral Palsy. When Joshua’s parents contacted us at the foundation Joshua was sleeping on a bed which was no longer suitable for his needs or safe. If Joshua did not get a new bed quick enough, he was facing sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We agreed with Joshua’s Parents that we would fundraise on a match funding basis. All his parents needed to do was raise the first £5000 for the bed and we at the foundation would grant the family the remaining £5000 needed. Within just a few weeks the first £5000 was raised and Joshua’s bed was ordered.  Joshua now has a bed suitable for his needs and his parents can rest easy at night knowing that he is safe 


After fundraising for his bed Joshua’s mam and dad came back to us to fundraise £10,000 for a sensory room to keep Joshua simulated and entertained at home. Now Joshua’s bed is in a newly decorated sensory room, that he loves spending time in.