Kaleigh Lau

Kaleigh from England, UK was diagnosed on 19 April 2016 and commenced 30 radiotherapy session on 25 April 2016.

Our honeymoon period unfortunately ended on 28 Dec 2016 and had 10 sessions of re-radiation on 24 Jan 2017. (Supplementary Information, from around beginning of May 2016, we started Kaleigh on Traditional Chinese Medicine which consisted of acupuncture, moxibustion and herbal drinks to compliment the Western treatment. Also Kaleigh was going to be the first child to have CED in Harley Street, London on 8 Jan 2017, however was denied at the very last minute as the 2 hour planning CT scan which occurred on 6 Jan 2017 revealed the tumour had grown outside of the pons area into the cerebellum and cysts was observed around the pons area, making the CED treatment non viable.

We learnt of the Mexico Treatment at the end of March 2017 and prior to arriving in Mexico on 18 April 2017, Kaleigh was already in progression. Loss of strength in left hand, unbalanced walking, double vision, minor speech issue and minor regular headaches. But after 1st / 2nd treatment in Mexico, Kaleigh can now do swimming, monkey bars, hop on one foot and cartwheels in a trampoline park etc. Mexico has way exceeded our expectations.

After 1st treatment 50% reduction in tumor was seen, after 2nd Treatment less reduction was seen, but still had some small reduction and now after 3rd treatment more positive changes on the intensity and necrosis of the tumor can be seen.



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