Layla’s Legacy

We are now supporting Layla’s legacy, Layla’s Legacy is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2016, following the passing of Layla.

In April 2016, Layla was admitted to Freeman hospital for another open-heart surgery; unfortunately, this failed. She underwent multiple surgeries and procedures, then finally a heart transplant in this hospital stay alone. Sadly, this wasn’t enough to save our little girl’s life and she went to sleep forever on 7th October 2016. After living such a fast- paced life filled with love and joy given to us by Layla both in and out of hospital, we wanted to give something back; this is when Layla’s Legacy was created in her memory. We provide many items to families of Ward 23 and PICU within Freeman Hospital, Firstly we provide Journey boxes to every palliative care baby born and welcomed to the unit which help the families be able to document the amazing memories they make together both in and out of hospital, all babies born that come to Freeman Hospital are also provided with a set of 2 comforters so baby and mummy can still feel close together in moments which mean they must be apart. Birthdays are always a milestone no matter how big or small you are so for this reason we provide q party pack to each child spending their special day in freeman, these packs come with banners, balloons, and everything you need to decorate your own bed space/cubicle, not forgetting the cake everyone needs a birthday cake and finally a special visit from a character to wish the children well on their day. This is a very personal touch to each child as we believe in hospital or at home these children matter and should be treated in a way every child deserves to be. We also provide a small gift of a memorial bauble to bereaved families, with pyjamas and blankets on hand should the families need them in their time of need. Please support us in what we do and keep donating to this cause. Without the help from you, we can’t provide these items.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



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