Meet the Team

Our Trustees

Gemma Lowery – Co Founder and Chief Executive

I am Gemma Lowery, I am the founder of the Bradley Lowery Foundation. I have a son called Kieran and my husband is Carl. My son Bradley, who was my inspiration for setting up the foundation, lost his battle with Neuroblastoma in July 2017.

He created so much awareness for Neuroblastoma and Cancer on a whole, I wanted to create a lasting legacy for Bradley. He inspired me to help others, so in  August 2017 the Bradley Lowery Foundation was created and our aims are to get children the treatment or equipment not yet available on the NHS.


Lynn Murphy – Co Founder and Head of Communications and Fundraising

I’m Lynn Murphy, I am married to Chris and have 2 wonderful children, Martin and Anna.
I got involved with Bradley’s fight about 8 month of Bradley being diagnosed. Coming from the small mining village of Blackhall Colliery, I knew Gemma and Carl.

When Bradley became poorly, our whole community got involved to fundraise, and myself and my family did everything we possibly could. I am honoured to be part of the Bradley Lowery Foundation, a lasting legacy for an amazing little boy.


Rebecca Harbon Gray – Trustee

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I am a Solicitor for Trusts and Estates at Gordon Brown Law Firm and a busy working Mam. I first became aware of Bradleys Fight campaign as a donator to the ‘just one pound’ campaign by donating myself.

I couldn’t help but be captured by the fighting spirit of Bradley and the love that surrounded him both from his family and from the nation and beyond. Me having a child of acutely similar age to Brad made me wonder what I would do if faced with such a difficulty with my own son and was full of admiration for the Bradleys Fight Team headed by now co-Trustees Gemma and Lynn. They were able to forge opportunities for Bradley that many others would miss out on without private funding. Any parent would want the same for their own child.

My firm and I were able to help in a small way by helping the family and founders by providing some pro-bono advice and then help establish the Charity and now feel honoured to now be a Trustee of the B L Foundation. The difference these monies will make to other children as the legacy grows means it is really is an excellent charity to be part of and support.


Pamela Thirlaway – Trustee

I am Pam, worked in the charity sector for over 20 years. Keen caravaner and met Gemma a long time ago through rallying. I was up all night talking to her Mam whilst she was in labour and throughout the birth of Bradley. We were both going to be Grandma’s at the same time. I have 8 grandchildren and love them all dearly.

I now work for a charity that helps people who have been Deafened and find life difficult. I like to help and support people through my work and in my private life.

This brings me to now and the sterling work Gemma and Lynn have been doing over the years since Bradley was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. I have done my best to support them, sharing everything and making donations to the activities that have been carried out to fundraise.

I was honoured to have been asked to join the board of trustees on the Bradley Lowery Foundation. This is my way of giving other children a chance.


Phil Empson – Trustee

Phil had a long career in Commercial Banking before taking up his current role as a specialist Banking & Finance advisor in a national accountancy firm where he assists North East SME clients with their funding structures. He also has over 10 years experience of working as a Trustee on a local charity Board on a voluntary basis.

Outside of work Phil is married to Gina and they have 2 teenage children. He lives in Sunderland and when not being called upon as “Dad’s taxi” he enjoys watching most sports and socialising.


  Jade Lowery – Fundraising and Family Support Worker 

I am Jade, I live with my partner Andrew in Blackhall, the village I grew up in. Bradley is my nephew and when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, I wanted to do all I could to help raise money for the treatment in the USA. Its a huge honour to now be part of the legacy my nephew created in his short life.


Marie Stonebank – Administrative officer 

I am Marie Stonebank, mother of Gemma Lowery nanna of Bradley. I am married to Howard and have three children and seven grandchildren.  Bradley played a big part in our lives and is sorely missed. We have caravan and Bradley loved to come and stay, it was one of his favourite pastimes. I now work with the foundation to continue Bradly’s legacy, this helps to ease the pain.


Brooke Mitchell –  Social Media Apprentice 

I’m Brooke, I live in Seaham just 15 minuets away from the town Bradley was from. Bradleys story really touched my heart as cancer has also affected my own family. I am honoured to now work for The Bradley Lowery Foundation.