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Meet Sean!


Sean is 10 year old, he was a perfectly healthy baby but during his delivery he got starved of oxygen and as a result of this he now has severe cerebral palsy, Sean is blind, partially deaf, cannot walk, talk, sit up or hold his own head up. He is tube fed, has severe epilepsy, severe scoliosis and his life expectancy is only to his teens.

Sean’s family hope one day they can take Sean to the USA for stem cell treatment in the hope this will better his quality of life.

We have been researching stem cell treatment for many years and know that in the future this will probably be out in the UK to treat people with cerebral palsy but not in our Sean’s life time.

Sean’s family have currently applied for an expanded access program at the duke university in the USA to use the stem cells which we stored 3 year ago from his siblings placenta as we know these stem cells are best to use as are a 1-4 perfect match to Sean’s. They have spoken to a lot of families that have already had this treatment and very soon after they have seen very good progress, such as their child’s vision has improved, reduced seizures/spasms, their muscles less tight, they got a bit head control and really hope that we can get Sean this same treatment in the hope it could help him in any way.

Sean’s Mam said ”We want to give Sean the chance to receive this treatment and to reach his potential in his short life and for it not to be too late where we always wondered if it would have helped him or not. Our Seany boy deserves this chance in life, he doesn’t want the latest mobile phones or x boxes just a chance to maybe see one day or have less seizures and painful spasms. This treatment costs roughly £20,000, so we hope to raise this money ASAP. We already have £7000 raised with the previous charity, so this has been taken off the total.”





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