Rebecca Harbon Gray – Trustee

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I am a Solicitor for Trusts and Estates at Gordon Brown Law Firm and a busy working Mam. I first became aware of Bradleys Fight campaign as a donator to the ‘just one pound’ campaign by donating myself.

I couldn’t help but be captured by the fighting spirit of Bradley and the love that surrounded him both from his family and from the nation and beyond. Me having a child of acutely similar age to Brad made me wonder what I would do if faced with such a difficulty with my own son and was full of admiration for the Bradleys Fight Team headed by now co-Trustees Gemma and Lynn. They were able to forge opportunities for Bradley that many others would miss out on without private funding. Any parent would want the same for their own child.

My firm and I were able to help in a small way by helping the family and founders by providing some pro-bono advice and then help establish the Charity and now feel honoured to now be a Trustee of the B L Foundation. The difference these monies will make to other children as the legacy grows means it is really is an excellent charity to be part of and support.