Accounts Submitted (read on to see the success…)

So yesterday, we officially submitted our accounts to the charity commission. It will take up to 5 working days to show the full accounts, if your interested.
Here is a quick overview for you all.
I always said from the beginning, if we didn’t get to use the money for Brad’s treatment, it would go to help other children. And this is exactly what we did –
* The charity was created in August 2017 and our end of year accounts where 31st march 2018, so these are only for the 7 months.
* Charity started off with – £1,383,076.58 which was donated by Myself and Carl, to start the foundation.
* In only 7 short months, we had a total £2,377,460.00 this includes £606,213.00 which are restricted funds for the children, and £288,170.42 which was raised from your public donations for BLF.
Starting a charity and setting everything up has been hard while we are all still grieving, with media attention, and everyone watching my every move. But it has all been worth it.
Although it doesn’t look like we have spent much of the funds this year, (total of £187k as stated on charity commission site) we wanted to ensure longevity and put future plans in place.
We have given out £46,122.02 in grants to 6 different children, who needed it. We also give our families merchandise to start their campaigns.
We paid £30,782.05 in justgiving fees, we cover this so that the families can receive 100% of their donations.
We have set up the charity office, we have travelled to most of our families on more than 1 occasion to support them on a personal level, this does also include invoices associated with the children’s campaigns.
As well as of course staffing costs for 5 people, and accountancy fees as we pay an independent accountant to manage the finances and a firm to run the annual audit, to ensure everything is correct.
What I will say, as I feel I need to add this explanation into this post.
Myself and Lynn are Paid trustees, with full permission from the charity commission which we gained before the application was submitted. When we where fundraising for Brad, we did this around full-time employment. As we now have over 23 children we are supporting, this was not viable to do whilst in our current positions. The hours we work (which is none stop lol) we are on a very below average wage for people that hold the same positions. But we do this, because it is our passion and unfortunately passion doesn’t pay the bills.
We have been informed from the charity commission that the media are already taking an interest, if the media have any questions, please feel to free to contact us direct.
I am extremely proud of not only myself, but of my girls at the foundation, who put in 100% of their time into ensuring the families get everything they need. But also a HUGE thank you to you, the public, who continue to support us, without you all, this wouldn’t be possible.
This post would normally be a #throwbackthursday so lets finish this post with a beautiful photo of our special little boy.