30th September 2020 – End of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Today marks the end of childhood cancer awareness month.

I wish I could say today marks the end of Childhood Cancer, but for many families all over the world Childhood Cancer effects their lives every single day.

There are thousands of parents like me, who have lost their babies to this harsh and cruel disease, but thanks to your support, every day we get closer and closer to getting better and safer treatments for our children.

I know this can’t bring my baby back, but it can save other parents from the heartbreak I feel.

Thank you to each and every person who has fund raised or donated to our research fund, I cannot begin to tell you how much your support means to me and my baby’s legacy.

My baby created so much awareness for childhood cancer worldwide, thanks to Bradley, doors have been opened to make real change. Last week I wrote to Rishi Sunak to request a meeting, to speak about what more can be done in terms of funding childhood cancer research. Hopefully I get a response soon ❤️