BLF Hand Sanitizer

Through this whole pandemic it has been so hard for many charities and businesses, us included.

Everyone is struggling to keep on going while keeping safe at the same time.

This is why I am pleased to announce an amazing new collaboration with Zidac.

Zidac are the owners of a hand sanitizer company who want to work with BLF ❤️

The BLF hand sanitizer (pictured below) contains Aloe Vera, which stops the sanitizer drying your skin and it also leaves a none clinical smell.

We have our order in and should be with us in a couple of weeks, and will be selling it on our website –

We also have a couple of shops selling our product for us too, which is amazing.

If your businesses would like sell our product, please get in touch!

We will supply you with our product for free and collect the funds once sold.

Some of the funds raised will go to support the build of the holiday home, which will be starting very soon 😬

Or if you would like to order for your business or organisation for staff, you can email myself and Lynn personally to get your stock on or for more details or