Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Everyone knows the saying ‘Elephants never forget’ and I will never forget my baby boy. 🐘












Something which has brought me comfort is being lucky enough to see a very talented Spiritualist. It reassures me that Bradley is okay and is always around me through good and bad times. A little while ago Debra (Spiritualist) told me whenever I see or hear about an elephant it means my baby is with me and is trying to give me a message. 💛

Whist in the office brainstorming ideas for Childhood cancer awareness month it became clear to us that the elephant 🐘 is a great symbol to use. Most people will agree Childhood Cancer IS the elephant in the room and no one wants to talk about it.

Well we want to change this, with your help!

Can you help by sharing our post throughout this month and adding our frame to your profile photo?

When brad was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma he was given a 50/50 chance, and we always focused on the 50% chance that he would survive, because positivity got me through each day.

Since then these statistics have improved slightly over the years, but not nearly enough in my eyes. The average survival rate today is around 67% (- Ref Children with Cancer UK)

Survival rates for all Childhood Cancers needs to improve and this can’t happen without vital funds to put into research.

#NeverForget #TheElephantInTheRoom #KidsGetCancerToo #DontBeADumbo

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