COVID 19 – Travelling for treatment

Covid-19 has effected charities in so many ways. Previously families could travel for medical treatment using a travel ESTA, but since Covid-19 restrictions where put in place, a valid VISA is now needed to travel to the USA.

The Bradley Lowery Foundation came up against the very issue as parents where due to attend appoints given to them by the hospitals in the USA.

Visa applications usually take around 10 weeks to apply and be authorised, but with the support of local government officials, the charity was able to support the families in speeding up their applications and receiving their VISA’s within a matter of weeks.

What you need to do –

*If you are due to travel to the USA, put your VISA application in as soon as possible, as delays can happen

*Go to and click apply

*Complete the application form and you will be given login details to your VISA application

*Once you have received your emails you will need to login and EXPERDITE your appointment

*You will be asked to email over a copy of your appointment, you will also be asked for supporting letters from your local GP/Consultant as well as supporting letters from the hospital you are attending for treatment, these can be sent via email to you

*You will also need to prove you have funds to pay for treatment, so you may be asked to prove fund you hold and payments you have made

*You will then be given an appointment to attend London to have your VISA interview (please note, everyone applying for a visa to travel need to attend, to speed up the process)

*You will need to take all of your paperwork to your interview, along with your passport which you will hand over to the VISA office for them to fulfil their checks

*Once a decision is made, your documents will be returned to you via the service you have chosen on application

*You must then email the VISA office to confirm your flight details before traveling, so they can notify the airport that you are able to travel


It is a slow process, but if you are planning to travel for treatment, we advise to apply for your VISA early, to stop any delays when you receive your appointments. VISA application fees do apply


If you have any questions regarding VISA’s you contact and we support you in your application