Dinutuximab Beta Now available in Scotland




I am so happy that the children in Scotland will now be able to access dinutuximab beta for free. The process that happened in the U.K. where NICE had to approve it, also needed to happen at Scotland and this is a very worrying time for parents. Parents can now relax knowing their child will benefit from this antibody not only as a front line treatment for Neuroblastoma, but also used in relapsed.

I know from personal experience this drug works, it’s what got my Bradley cancer free for 18 months, to know that the Government has also noticed the benefits of this antibody is brilliant.
Families have so many worries when your child is diagnosed, this is 1 less thing for them to worry about. Well done to everyone who campaigned to get this drug, and a huge thank you to the Pharma’s who create these wonderful drugs to help save our children.

Although we currently don’t work in Scotland, this is something we are looking into for the future. It is important that everyone can access these drugs, and working together, big things can be achieved. We are so pleased for everyone who this will benefit. Xx