Neuroblastoma Research

When we first established the charity we always made plans to put money into neuroblastoma research. We decided to wait until after the first year to see how the charity was running and how much we could put into Neuroblastoma research.

This research is very close to my heart, Bradley raised so much awareness for neuroblastoma, I couldn’t save my boy, but I want to make sure that no other parent feels the hurt and heartache I feel on a daily basis.

I am pleased to say that this year we are pledging £200,000 into neuroblastoma research. This is working collectively with numerous neuroblastoma/cancer charities. Where each charity pledges a set amount and it is all pooled together. All funding pledges will be put to a scientific advisory board to decide where these funds are best used. We will be notified of the progress of all research we fund.

I know my boy is looking down on us now, and he will be so proud of the legacy he has left.