Your Success Stories

This is Alfie Smith. Alfie is a little boy who has Cerebral Palsy. Alfie had never walked, knelt, or even stood up on his own, he was always aided with a Kay-walker. Alfie needed to raise over £50,000 for an Selective dorsal rhizotomy operation to enable him to walk. We followed Alfie’s journey, we fundraised and campaigned, and after 14 weeks Alfie exceeded his target and is following a strict physio plan, which is proving to be very successful. Alfie can now stand unaided for up to 60 seconds for the first time in 10 years, he has also progressed to the next stage, using quad sticks to walk and we are hoping in the future he will be up walk independently and will be playing football with his younger brother. To follow Alfies story and achievements go to


This is Harry Mogan, Harry’s mam contacted us 14 weeks ago, as she needed help to get some equipment for Harry. He needed a specialised bed and sensory equipment to help make every day life a lot easier. After just 13 weeks of fundraising, we raised £10k which was enough to purchase the equipment, and the bed was purchased by local government funding. This is fantastic news for Harry and his family. Harry’s mam has also offered to help other children fundraising with the foundation in the future, which is brilliant news for us.

Follow Harry and his story –

Benji’s Magic Ears

Hi everyone, a few weeks ago we had a new child (Benji) sign up with BLF to fundraise for cochlear implants. Unfortunately on this occasion the NHS could not fund this and the parents where told they would have to do it privately.
After just a few short weeks of being with BLF, Benji received help from local family and friends, The Charity Ninja’s, and anonymous businessman from the USA. And we have some great news. He has now exceeded his £80k target in just a few short weeks. We are so pleased for Benji and his family.
After doing our calculations, it has come to our attention that Benji actually has slightly more than needed, and his family are requesting we donate the difference to Ear for Alex, another BLF child who is fundraising for an ear reconstruction and to be able to hear.
This is estimated at around £9k.
We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen.
Please follow Benji’s story and watch his new life of hearing unfold.



Joshua Denton Hits New Milestone

Fantastic news for Joshua as his bed has now been ordered.
Super proud of Joshua and his family. We started their campaign before Christmas. They are fundraising for a specialist bed and sensory equipment. We said once their family and friends raised £5k we would donate £5k. Well they have done it. First milestone hit and Joshua’s new bed has been ordered.
“This will make a huge difference to Joshua and his family. Thank you to everyone who helped them reach their first target.”
Fundraising is still ongoing for a sensory room for Joshua.
To donate –…/thebradleyloweryf…/joshuadenton

We are pleased to announce that Evan has reached his £3000 target.

Evans family have been fundraising for the last months to get Evan specialised equipment to make his life a little bit easier. This equipment is not available on the NHS, so we set up a campaign to help family and friends. We organised fundraisers from the area to help Evans team and after only a few short months, we can finally announce his target has been reached and Evan will get the equipment he needs. Evans family wish to thank everyone who helped him achieve his goal.

Maddie’s family where fundraising £21,000 for an Innerwalk to enable Maddie to get about, and be more mobile.

We are pleased to say, Maddie’s team have succeeded and her target was hit. Maddie’s Innowalk has now been ordered and is on its way to Maddie.

We we like to say a huge Thank You and Well done to everyone involved.


We have some fantastic news to share with you all!

Some of you may remember Miika. Miika needs to raise £80,000 for rehabilitation after suffering a brain haemorrhage and stroke while waiting for a heart transplant.

Well once again the kindness of strangers never fails to amaze us. A very kind person, who wishes to remain anonymous has come forward and offered to pay for the rest Miika’s treatment.

This is incredible news which has taken a lot of pressure away from the family.